Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Everybody seems to be blogging about New Year's Resolutions, so even though I've never been one to follow the crowd and I'm reluctant to set myself up for failure, I decided to take the leap myself. Deciding to do better in a few areas isn't the leap part. I made that decision awhile back. The leap part is putting it on here. Once this goes up, I will suddenly be accountable to a whole lot more people. So six months from now, if it's clear that my resolutions lasted about as long as a pro-Barack Obama rally in Utah county, feel free to mock me mercilessly. The fear of being mocked just might help me to stick with it. (And yes, I realize that even a cursory study of human behavior would show that negative motivation isn't all that healthy, or productive. I'm going with it anyway. You would never guess that I'm married to a psychologist, would you.)

So, here's my list:
1. Get healthier
2. Stop yelling so much

Short and to the point. Within that "get healthier" one is a whole slew of things that I'm going to work on. And I'm hoping that if I feel better, maybe I'll relax a little bit and the yelling thing will improve along with it.

Job number one for both of these resolutions is to get more sleep. I started that last night and what do you know? I'm feeling better already. And I haven't spent the morning getting frustrated with Noah, which means the yelling hasn't happened at all today. Woooo-hoooooo!! Let's hope that I can keep this going past noon. The real test will come sometime this afternoon/early evening when Noah will undoubtedly wet his pants. It happens everyday. Sometimes within five minutes of him having a successful trip to the toilet. (I just had a thought - Maybe I should introduce this resolution idea to Noah. Hmmmmmm . . . . it just might work. Yeah right.)

Adam is back to school, and our post-holiday routine can start again so I decided that today would be my starting point on the health resolution. I used the first four days of January to overdose on bad habits with the hope that I would be more ready to start today. I think it worked. I'm about 5 hours into my resolutions and so far, so good. Impressed with my staying power? You should be.


KJae said...

I think that's incredible! You'll do awesome, I have no doubt. But I'd love to mock you, so flub up come July! : )

Nathan said...

I didn't even bother making resolutions. Maybe I'm just too lazy, but I figure, why make a promise that I'm just going to feel guilty about later?

Julie said...

This resolution thing is new for me. In the past I've purposely avoided setting goals to coincide with the New Year, but this year I decided that I REALLY need to do better in a couple of areas and there's no point in waiting just so that I don't have to say it's a New Year's resolution. Maybe I shouldn't have called it that. Is it too late to just say that I've set a couple of goals???