Sunday, January 25, 2009

Noah . . . Noah . . . Noah

Noah didn't make it through his Sunbeam class again today, but not because I was with him in the hallway. He wet his pants before he ever got to Primary and had to go home for a change of clothes. He did it again less than two hours later at the end of church, and just to ensure that we remember that he is in charge, he did it again right before bed time. Three times in one day - that hasn't happened in months.

After showering him off for the third time, we put his pajamas on him and put him in bed. I then took quite a few deep breaths and went into his room for a chat. I told him that he HAS to stop wetting his pants. He thoughtfully considered my suggestion and then said to me "But what if I'm just little?"

I KNOW he can recognize the urge to go and I know that he can control it when he wants to. How else do you explain the fact that he refuses to pee in his bath? He played in the tub for over an hour this morning. He called me in three times because he needed to go potty and he needed me to put him on the toilet. I'm up for trying anything at this point. Do I give up and go back to diapers????!?

My new mantra: This too shall pass.

It will, won't it?


KJae said...

I would generally say, "of course this too shall pass" but I'm leaning more toward "I'm starting to doubt it."

Sorry, just being honest.

Nathan said...

Personally, I can't wait until he's older and you can bring all this back up.

I guess that will be the way you can get even, especially if you can do it in a public setting.

Unfortunately, I have no advice, but when ours does the same thing in a year or two, you can bet I'm going to bang down your door to ask you what finally worked.

mj said...

This is great black mail material for when he starts to date...too bad he doesn't understand that now.

Not sure if it will pass because we're not there yet...but my gut is telling me it will. :)

I'm still dying over the "but what if I'm just little" comment. Oh, how they know just how to pull at our heartstrings.

Lydia said...

My mom had nine kids and finally decided that as long as they were potty trained before kindergarden all was fine.