Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Resolution check-in

1. Get healthier

Earlier bedtime - check
Regular exercise - check
Healthier eating - check

Just so you know, I don't think I will ever be one of those people who enjoy exercise. I really hate it. I always have. Even when I was much younger and very active, I hated to exercise just for the sake of exercise. Give me a game to play and I'm all over it. Tell me to do sit-ups, and I would rather cut off my arm and beat myself with it. Each time I get on the treadmill I involuntarily groan. Each time I start a session with Leslie, I roll my eyes and can't wait until I'm done so that I can turn her off. The Wii Fit is great fun (because of the games!) until I go into the strength training or Yoga areas and that's when the trainer rears her ugly head. I've named her Annie after an old friend of mine whom I initially hated. We were bitter enemies for a year or two in high school, until a set of odd circumstances put us in a room together, all night, with no beds and nothing to do but chat. We ended up being the best of friends. Right now, I really hate the Wii Annie but I'm hoping that over time I will learn to love her just like I did my old friend. Hopefully it won't take a year or two to get there because I'm fairly certain that I will give up before then.

2. Stop yelling so much

Ummmmm, better, but I had a major relapse last Friday. I don't even remember what Noah did, but I was handling it rather calmly until I asked him to come to me so that we could have a chat. Not only did he not stop what he was doing and come to me, but when I stood up to go to him, he took off running. When I raised my voice (still not a yell) and told him to stop running, he ran faster. The emphatic asking quickly turned to yelling as he continued to run away. I think the yelling actually propelled me a little faster and enabled me to catch him. He ended up on his bed, and I ended up sitting on the couch completely frustrated with myself for losing it. So, as for the resolution, I'm technically not yelling nearly as much, but I still have some work to do. We are making progress though. I'm thinking that if we can master the potty training, it will be a major stride forward for both of us.


KJae said...

1. Who is the real Annie?

2. Way to go on keeping up with your goals.

3. I'm pretty sure that cutting off your own arm and beating yourself with it would constitute as exercise. Just a thought. Hope that was helpful.

4. And in which weird room were you in semi-solitary confinement? Did we grow up in the same house?

Julie said...

Annie was a girl that went to Burley High. (I'm purposely not giving her last name. How sad would it be for her to google her name and find out that I hated her before we were friends??) She worked at DQ. For whatever ridiculous reason a 16 year old can come up with, I HATED her. I really didn't even know her, but whenever our paths would cross I cringed.

Then, before my senior year I went to business week in Boise. Who else should also be there, but that nasty Annie chick that I hated? Long story short, we ended up locked out of our dorm rooms while our room mates (mine was Bonnie)were out breaking rules. We didn't want to get in trouble for our own rule-breaking, so we just sat in the dorm lounge - for the entire night. Sometime after midnight we finally decided that we should maybe talk to each other. Before morning, I had decided that Annie was one of the funniest people I had ever met and we ended up spending a lot of time together after that. Annie was my first real lesson in how horrible it is to be judgmental.

And now that you point out the exercise benefit of beating myself with my own arm, I also realize that losing a limb would result in some weight loss too. Maybe that's not such a bad option . . .

Amanda said...

You should come play basketball with us on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 9-10! That is the only exercise I am doing because I too, would rather cut off my own arm rather than exercise. Although Kelly's idea may not be the best, it can't be all bad, can it?

Nathan said...

I had that EXACT conversation with my wife this week. We both talked about how we wished we could be one of those people who gets a high from exercise. As it is, we both hate it. HATE. IT. Still, she does much better at trying to do it on a regular basis while I just sit on the couch.

I really should do better.