Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello. My name is Noah. I'm three and I'm a video game junkie.

I was downstairs exercising (remember that blasted resolution??) when I realized that Noah was noticeably absent, and I hadn't even turned on Diego for him. I came upstairs and discovered this: Apparently he has watched Adam get the GameCube stared enough times that he can now do it himself. Great. He doesn't get that it's not okay for him to sit in front of a screen (tv or otherwise) for hours at a time and he got ticked when I suggested turning it off. These arguments didn't start with Adam until he was six. Apparently I'm going to have to put the games on a check-out system until Noah understands time constraints. Given his success with colors and letters, he might be checking out games until he's in high school.

Gotta go. I'm taking Noah to the library . . . or a museum . . . or I'm not sure what, but I've clearly got to get him out of this house.