Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Price of Being Chic

As Recession Digs In, Cheap is Now Chic

Woooooo-hooooooooooooooo!! According to some out of touch CNN reporter, I'm finally cool and hip and it only cost me half of the value in my 401(k).

Really, I just saw that headline and had to use it. Don't bother reading the article though. It's all about how people aren't buying as much Louis Viutton and Ralph Lauren now that the economy is in the toilet. Here's an actual quote from the article:

"We don't believe that luxury lifestyle has gone away," Wright said. "We're looking at maybe not having the $250,000 watch, but a great watch you can get for perhaps $7,500."

The sum total of every wearable thing I own - clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc - wouldn't add up to $7500. You could even throw in every wearable thing that Phil and the boys own too and still not hit that amount. Our society has a long way to go before my version of cheap (going to Albertson's to score Betty Crocker cake mixes for 29 cents each, and buying 4 pair of pants, a jacket, and a shirt for my kids at Kohl's for under $20 total - both of which I did just last week) even hits their "chic" radar. I'll probably have to lose my entire 401(k), my cars, my house, and my kids before my version of saving money would be considered cool.

Good thing "chic" has never really been at the top of my list of things to strive for.



You go girl! I do admire your frugal approach to life. It is to be commended. The only difference between you and I is that you had 401K to lose. Half of nothing is pretty much break even! For the first time in my life I am glad I didn't have a big nest egg invested.

My favorite thing lately is buying perfectly good clothes at DI. I don't think I will ever again pay full price for shirts. I have some of the nicest shirts I have ever owned and payed $2 or $3 bucks for them. I am a fan.

KJae said...

MJ - a break even is WAY better than a loss. Way to go!!

I've always bought from DI and garage sales and clearance at WalMart.... no biggie for us. I'm proud of you for finding the value in it.

Our favorite thing is something our stake does. Each year people donate all of their good used clothing for our annual clothing swap. Kendall has been outfitted from there with church clothes, coats, shirts, pants, etc. My kids as well. I seriously don't remember the last time (years) we had to actually purchase Kendall's clothing. Every July or August we simply go to the stake center where someone has organized everything into mens, womens, girls, boys, babies, shoes, purses, etc. into individual rooms throughout the building, and SHOP!! The kids love it. Us too!!

Whew, that was way too long.

Who cares about chic anyway? Okay, so, I know a few high-maintenance people... but still.

And, sister of mine, it's interesting to me how you gather all your girlfriends together and hit the Al's sales but never EVER include me.... even though I was the one who originally turned you onto clearance at Walmart years ago. I'm just sayin'.....

Nathan said...

$7,500?!? for a watch?

Seriously? Please tell me he was joking.

The car we bought a while ago cost less than that. Much less. And obviously, I can't drive a watch to work.


Julie said...

The thing that was so funny to me about that is that $7500 was for the "cheap" watch. R-I-D-C-U-L-O-U-S!!

And KJ - we went to Albie's after volleyball last Tuesday. While we were playing, somebody mentioned the sale and we decided to go. We were in line at the store on the last day of the sale trying to get through the line before midnight. Do you REALLY want me to call you in those situations???? You know I've got your back on clearance sales when I can bet that you won't hang up on me or curse me for waking you up.

And to Mike and Kelly: After the babysitting (Kel) and the house remodel (Mike) I think we are even for all the money you guys stole out of my sock drawer.

Danielle Christiansen said...

I hear you! I have been wearing the same clothes for over 5 years,


Does that cover the interest too? Oh, wait, that was all lost in the stock market crash.

Also, what's up with not getting invited with you and your friends to thrift? I would make it a party!