Sunday, March 01, 2009

Noah-Speak Made Easy

Noah has done incredibly well with learning English. He's done so well, in fact, that I haven't had nearly enough reasons to laugh during this past year at the funny things he says. With that said, here are a few things that recently caused us to chuckle, along with the translations:

Word/Phrase: Gor-il -la Berrrrrrrrrr (this one is pronounced very slowly for the benefit of his brain-dead mother who had no idea what he was asking for)
Sentence: "Can I please have a Gorilla Ber?" A what? "A Gor-il-la Berrrrrrr"
Translation: After finally asking him to show me what he wanted, I was able to determine that he wanted a Granola Bar.

Word/Phrase: Flower
Sentence: "I don't want any of that flower."
Translation: Lettuce/Salad; He said it while turning up his nose at dinner and pointing at the green salad on the table.

Word/Phrase: 40 hours
Sentence: "Mooommm . . . It's 40 hours to get me outta the tub." or "It's 40 hours for me to have some lunch."
Translation: Time's Up, i.e. "I've been in this tub long enough so will you please get me out?" There doesn't seem to be any consistent trigger for the use of "40 hours". He will use it after 5 minutes or after an hour if he thinks it's time to be doing something else.

Word/Phrase: My-nandez
Sentence: I want to go with Sister My-nandez.
Translation: Noah's name for some friends in the neighborhood. He often goes home with the Hernandez family after church and hangs out with them for awhile until I go to retrieve him. Last week, he was telling Phil about it and kept saying "Sister My-nandez." Noah knows how to say their name so Phil kept asking him to say it again because he wasn't sure that he was hearing it right. After saying My-nandez about a half dozen times, Noah finally got frustrated and clarified in a way that silly Phil could understand: "It's My-nandez, Yer-nandez, His-nandez, and Her-nandez!"


Brent and Lori said...

MY-Nandez!! That is completely awesome!

I love gorilla bears. I'm right there with him on that one!

Nathan said...

I'm definitely going to make sure the My-nandez family doesn't hear the end of this.


KJae said...

Squish him for me, would ya??!?