Monday, April 20, 2009

Get ready for a photo barf . . .

Here are a bunch of completely unrelated things from the past couple of weeks that I thought I would share.
Uncle Kendall's birthday dinner at Settebello's in Salt Lake City. Grandpa shared a kalamata olive with Noah, and we quickly saw that he prefers the more common variety. The funny thing is, after this, he asked for another one:

Easter was great! Even though Noah is on his second go-around with all of the holidays in America, I think he has completely forgotten how much fun he had last year. Seriously . . . what's better than dropping hard boiled eggs into colored water and then having dad hide them in the backyard along with lots of candy and a few toys so that the kids can then go find them? And the fact that we get to do all of that with some of our best friends in the world is a huge bonus!

I went on a girl's night a couple of week's ago and this is what the canyon looked like as I was driving home the next morning. It was pretty gray and hazy, but I NEVER get tired of seeing these mountains - even when it's snowing in the spring.

And just for my own amusement I had to include a picture of a couple of my friends from the girls night. You're welcome ladies!The boys and I went to Kangaroo Zoo during spring break and they had a great time. Evidently I am still working on my new camera skills.


Allison said...

The Easter pictures turned out cute! I'll have to show my kids. When were you at Kangaroo Zoo? We were there on Friday morning.


Great pictures. Thanks. Go catch up on Brit's site. She is doing great!

Can I borrow your sons? I am feeling way outnumbered for some reason.