Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sometimes we are reminded . . .

. . . that Noah hasn't been speaking English as long as the other 4-year-olds that we are around, and certain words aren't all that familiar to him. We are also often reminded that he absolutely HATES to be left out of anything. This brief interaction brought both of those things into plain sight:

Phil: (yelling to Adam who was downstairs) Heyyyyy Adam!
Adam: What?
Phil: Come here. I have a chore for you.
Adam: (not the least bit excited) Awwwww . . . .
Noah: (running to his dad from the other rooom) I want one! Can I have one too??
Phil: Heh, heh . . . do you want a chore too?
Noah: Yeah. I want one like Adam!

Phil: Okay. You can have one too.

Now they are both doing a chore for their dad. I'm not so sure that Noah is all that thrilled with the "chore" that his dad gave him.