Thursday, April 30, 2009

More Noah-isms

Last night, after having our nightly "it's time for Noah to go to bed" discussion, where he and I are on completely opposite sides of the issue, this was the prayer that he offered at his bedside:

Hevly Fadder
Tank you for me to not go dee bed.
Jesus wants me fer a Sunbeam.
And I don't wanna go dee bed becuz bed isn't fun.
Name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

And here's one that I didn't get posted from last week:

The boys and I were driving in the car and Noah was entertaining himself by pushing the window and lock buttons on his door. Needless to say, that's not one of my favorite ways for him to entertain himself, so I asked him to stop pushing the buttons. I then emphatically told him to stop pushing the buttons. He was quiet for a short moment, and then I heard this whispered from the backseat.

Hey Adam . . . do you der me? (I look back and see him reaching for the window button)
Do you der me Adam? Do you?

Do you dare me?? Are you serious???!? I told him once again to STOP pushing the buttons. And then I locked the windows and doors from my door. And then he reminded me that he has "kid lock" so I don't need to lock his door. And then he got mad and cried because when he pushed the buttons again nothing happened.

We will undoubtedly repeat all of that again the next time we are in the car together. If nothing else, the kid is predictable.