Thursday, April 30, 2009

As promised . . . Noah's birthday party pictures

We went to Grandma's house for Noah's birthday party with his cousins. Fun was had by all.
When Adam turned 5 we (really I) instituted a new tradition of having Phil make the birthday cakes. Here's Noah's first cake made by dad - Diego theme, with a waterfall, safari animals, and a cookie plank bridge. The boys LOVED it. Good work Phil!
Opening presents. Adam gave Noah a Bakugan ball (Dual Hydranoid, to be exact) and Adam had negotiated it away from Noah before it was even out of the wrapping. Don't worry - Adam was eventually convinced that he doesn't get Noah's birthday presents, even if he somehow gets Noah to agree to giving them up.
Once Noah got all suited up inhis new skate gear, he was reluctant to take it off - for the next several days.


Kristi said...

Hey Phil will you make me a birthday cake next year? I would like a tropical beach vacation theme ok? ;-)

Colby said...

I am super impressed with the cake and the blog!!!! Phil you are my hero.

Keni said...

how in the world did a picture of me not end up in there? not that im mad about it. its totally okay. just wondering how my awesomely mad skills managed that one.