Monday, April 27, 2009


A couple of weeks ago Phil decided that he was going to make a concerted effort to move toward a healthier lifestyle. Yeaaaaaaaa Phil! He has started going to the gym (btw - his arms are mobile once again) and he is trying to reduce his carb intake. It would appear that we are on opposite ends of a pendulum because his swing toward healthier living has inspired my move in the other direction. In the past couple of weeks I have completely blocked out of my mind the fact that I made a New Year's resolution to take better care of myself. I'm blaming it the fact that I am the most supportive wife ever. Stick with me here and you'll understand my logic. Phil is trying to avoid carbs. We are kind of a carb family though, therefore we have LOTS of carbohydrate-rich foods in our house. In an effort to support Phil in his new, healthy lifestyle I have apparently (subconsciously) decided to single-handedly rid our home of anything that might be a temptation to Phil. I am a bit of a hoarder by nature (shocking to those of you who know me, I'm sure) so it's physically and emotionally impossible for me to just toss those things out. Instead, I'm pretty sure that last week I ingested about three months worth of carbs in just a few days. I'm feeling the effects. So, after a two-week break, I'm back on the wagon . . . and the treadmill.

In case you are wondering, after 4 months of pretty regular exercise, I still hate it. I'm 100%convinced that will never change.


Anderson Family said...

Don't you dare take this wrong, I already have enough sibblings that don't talk to me (yes, 1 is enough)

I was actually watching old videos this weekend and happened to watcht he one where we all went to Arizona and played on the ski jets at the lake.

To be honest, I had totally forgotten how much weight you had lost and how great you were looking (looks are very secondary, health is what's important). I guess I am in hopes that in a round about way this is motivational because hating excercise just means you are that much stronger for staying committed and disciplined! I have no question you can do it. And good for Phil.

Anderson Family said...

No, I won't burn the tape. LOL. Hey, you never answered: Can I have your son(s)?

KJae said...

hey mike - you can have both of mine!! i'm pretty sure you just forgot to ask.

mj said...

Julie, HOW did we miss you while i was in utah? i was so bummed we never i need your phone number rather than just your email. i need to hear you tell these stories in person. i'm seriously rolling right now. i'm the same as you, though. i get rid of things by eating, eating, eating. waste not, want not, right!? right.

Nathan said...

I hate exercise too. I gave a really big effort at one point (exercising for 45 minutes for 6 days a week). It lasted about 45 days. I hated every minute of it.