Monday, May 04, 2009

Bonding on the Baseball Diamond

I took the boys and a friend to the park today to let them practice hitting the baseball. When it was Adam's friend's turn to bat, Adam yelled to me as I was getting ready to pitch:

Let me get the ball mom. I can get it and run to the base to get him out because I can run faster than you (okay Adam) . . . because you probably used to run fast, but you are old now (uhhhh, alright Adam, I get it) . . . and you have more pounds so you don't run fast anymore . . . (really, Adam, I get it. I'll let you get the ball. You can stop talking now.)


KJae said...

that's my adam! he cracks me up.

when will you have temple pictures up and going? the pics i have just aren't doing it for me.

mj said...

This is now the third time I've read this post.

Still chuckling.

Can't wait to see what Leah thinks about me. :)

Phillip said...

Finally his "large" and "old" observations have changed targets. My ego is fatally wounded!

Amanda said...

Sometimes I think dumb kids wouldn't be so bad!