Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Jack

This is my nephew Jackson. He's six.

We call him Happy Jack (from a commercial that used to be on t.v.) He is a very cool kid and he makes me smile - a lot. Jack is always willing to give me a hug and although he's not the chattiest kid you would ever encounter, I can always count on him for some great conversation, i.e.

Me: Hey Jack, how's school?
HJ: Boring.
Me: It's still boring? Why is it so boring?
HJ: Cuz.
Me: What would you do if you didn't have school?
HJ: I dunno.
Me: Do you like your teacher?
HJ: Yep.
Me: Do you have friends that you play with at school?
HJ: Yep.
Me: What do you like to play?
HJ: I dunno.

You get the picture. This isn't to say that he never talks. I just think he's already developed this sense of when it matters to speak up and when it really doesn't. After all of my years I could still stand to learn that lesson.

There's no reason for this post about Jack. It's not his birthday. I didn't just have some amazing experience with him that I need to share. He's didn't ask me to put his picture on my blog - I just wanted to.

That's all.


Kendall said...

Thanks, I think he gets overlooked sometimes because he is the youngest. It's nice you gave him his 15 minutes of fame.

KJae said...

1. I didn't know his nickname came from a commercial - which one was that? I just remember that Phil started it, I loved it and it stuck.

2. I admit I was apprehensive about this post. I assumed it would be that really bad conversation that happened at mom's. I do appreciate you being kind. : )

3. Let's not assume that this kid isn't chatty. Take a drive with him from EM to anywhere and expect non-stop chatter. Questions. Observations. More questions. It gets pretty tiring. However, he also has that "man of few words" thing going on as well.

4. He's such a sweetie. He brightens my day, every day. Always loves the hugs and kisses and cuddling. That's rare these days it seems. He mostly is a "Happy Jack."

Thanks for this post, it was so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I sure love seeing these pictures of these sweet boys. I just finished seeing Kellys blog with yesterdays pictures at the temple. Remember, I get copies from someone. I am going to tie my camera around my neck next time so I don't forget it. Beautiful day yesterday. Love you, Mom

mom said...

Sure love these pictures of the boys. I just looked at Kelly's blog about your family. I have some sweet little grandsons. Saturday was a beautiful day. Love you, Mom

Phillip said...

Well, I need to correct one or two things. Happy Jack's name did not come from a commercial- it came from a song about a boy named Happy Jack. In all fairness it was a Hummer commerical using that song that jarred my memory and caused me to refer to our little Jack as "Happy Jack". It's a technicality, but I didn't want him to go through life thinking that his nick name came from a dumb commerical that his dumb uncle once saw. That's all- peace out.

KJae said...

Thanks for the clarification, Dawg.

Michelle said...

Handsome boy!!!