Thursday, May 14, 2009

Broken hearted? Not this kid.

I finally remembered to ask Adam what answer he got from Emily*.

Me: So, did Emily answer you about being your girlfriend.
Adam: Yeah. She said "No."
Me: She did? Did she tell you why?
Adam: She said that she doesn't want to have a boyfriend.
Me: How do you feel about that?
Adam: I don't care. Do you know where my Pokemon cards are?

Something tells me that in about ten years little Emily is going to regret that move. Adam's mom couldn't be happier though. He has always had a following of little girls around him (in preschool his teacher actually referred to them as "Adam and his posse") but the first official "girlfriend" is a right of passage that I'm not quite ready for.


Carrie said...

Way to go, Adam! Those darn girls aren't worth the headaches anyway. :)


I love his reaction and response. If only all of us could handle rejection in such ways. I am still trying to work through the emotional tear caused by Sherri in 4th grade doing the same thing to me but not so kindly.

And good for the girl for "not wanting a boyfriend". That is, of course, as long as she doesn't turn around in a week and say yes to some other little boy. Then I would have to come rip the heads off her barbies for rejecting my nephew!

Phillip said...

How bad is it that I now am bitter and resentful towards a little girl that I have never even seen? How dare someone reject my boy! She's not good enough for him anyway.

How in the world am I going to survive junior high?

Keni said...

oh how cute! poor kid. funny response though. i think he'll have tons of girls following him throughout elementary, junior high, highschool, and college.