Monday, May 18, 2009

What do you think now, Emily*???

Adam is turning into a little Renaissance Man! Here are some pictures from the past few weeks of him "refining his talents".

At the final exhibit from his art class that ended this month. The sculpture makes me wonder if he's got some Picasso or Jackson Pollack thing going on. I'm positive that he intended all along for it to be an abstract. Doesn't he looked like a tortured artist in this picture? A haircut quickly followed the exhibit.

Playing the piano this past Friday at our ward talent night. After playing for a bingo audience at Grandpa Bill's assisted living center a couple of months ago, Adam seems to have overcome his fear of being looked at. Phil was sick to his stomach with nerves (really, he was) but Adam was as cool as a cucumber.

Baseball on Saturday. Last year Adam was sooooooo nervous about playing that when we arrived at the first game and he saw all the people there to watch, he refused to get on the field. I didn't want to fight with him every Saturday all summer, so we decided to skip baseball. He wanted to try again this year, and he's practically a pro. His stats for Saturday? Three at-bats, three hits, and three runs. I think he got several RBI's too. Of course, it helps that they let every kid bat and they give them 5 swings to try to get a hit, but still. He did great! Again, Adam was fine when it came time to take the field, but his dad's anxiety was in high gear. I'm not sure who I should be more worried about.


Carrie said...

I meant to tell you this on Sunday, but Micah loved Adam's Star Wars piano piece. He kept telling me that Adam is "cool" because he likes Star Wars. He also told me that Noah's best friend (meaning Adam) lives at your house too. Just too cute not to pass along. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam, good going. You are GREAT at everything you are trying. Keep it up. G'ma Lois
Let us know when you play again.

Keni said...

cute kid!