Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ooooohhhhhhh . . .

I walked into my bedroom last night and discovered Adam in my bed watching a movie. As I was gathering up his clothes from the floor where he had dropped them (presumably right before crawling into my bed) I heard him giggle. Assuming that he was giggling at the movie, I asked him what was so funny. This is how it went from there:

Adam: I think you're cute.
Me: What?
Adam: Cute. I think you're cute. (more giggling)
Me: That's a random thing to say.
Adam: But I do. I like your hair that way.
Me: Thanks. I think you're cute too.

I worked in my yard all day yesterday, pulling up roots and stumps from some shrubs that I spent the week-end removing. I came in right before Phil got home from work and took a shower. I blow dried my hair and kind of combed it before going back downstairs to get dinner ready. I wasn't planning on going anywhere for the rest of the night, so after dinner I didn't bother finishing what I had started with my hair earlier, and I certainly didn't bother with make-up. That's the state I was in when Adam made his comment.

And he didn't ask me for anything after he said it.

And Noah pee'd his pants twice yesterday. And then lied to me about it, somehow convinced that I would never figure it out. (As we were putting his pj's on last night he very helpfully offered to take off his own pants and underwear, which is something that he generally prefers for me to do. Good thing I'm such a detective or that clue might have completely passed me by.)

Adam is officially my favorite. (Today anyway.)


Myrn said...

Ahhhh! How sweet !! Sometimes our boys are jus so great !!

Sonja and Jordan said...

You've got ME banging my head against the wall now. Oh, Noah. I feel bad for you, Julie.
Have you tried the potty training stickers? We learned about them in my child development class and they are supposedly good. You've had 2 more kids than I have, so you would know better than me.