Friday, October 02, 2009

Another conversation with Noah

This one occurred approximately 90 seconds ago:

Noah: Mom? Did you ever get ate when you were a grown-up?
Me: Ummm . . . no.
Noah: (thinking, thinking) "You didn't get ate?"
Me: Nope.
Noah: You were just baptized?
Me: (completely confused) "Uhhh . . . yeah."
Noah: And then you got to be our mom?
Me: Uhhh . . . Sure.
Noah: (suddenly very excited) And then all the other grown-ups got to be your mom, and Grandma's mom and Sam's mom!
Me: (puzzled head shake and eyebrow raise) Are you ready to get dressed?

It just occurred to me as I was typing this that maybe there is some logic going on in his head. I'm thinking that he was confusing "ate" with "eight" and that's why the whole baptism thing came into it. I have no explanation whatsoever for the rest of it and I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever figure this kid out.

It also just occurred to me that much of what I say to Noah is preceded by a drawn out "Ummm" or "Uhhhh". No wonder he has a stuttering problem. I can't help it though since so much of what I am saying to him immediately follows something completely nonsensical that he has said to me. The Um or Uh gives me a second to process before I respond and without that second I fear what I might be agreeing to.


Carrie said...

I love our cute little 4-year-olds. The other day Micah told me that "when we die, we go up with Jesus. Then he comes back down. Then he will give us a bunch of money so we can go to Disney land. Yeah!" I still can't quite make sense out of that one. :)

Julie said...

Funny Carrie. I think that Micah is on to something . . . I mean really, who wouldn't love to go to Disneyland??!?