Sunday, October 04, 2009

Optimistic Adam

This morning Phil and I were doing our best to take advantage of conference Sunday by sleeping in, but our boys had a very different idea. Although we couldn't sleep over the noise they were making downstairs, neither of us wanted to get up, so we stayed in bed and listened to them with our eyes still closed. This is a portion of what we heard:

Adam: Noah, what is 84 division by 12?


Adam: C'mon Noah . . . what is it? 84 division by 12?


Adam: 84 division by 12 . . . 84 division by 12 . . . Seriously Noah, you KNOW this one.


Me: (laughing as much as my half asleep body would allow) Do you hear that?

Phil: (with his eyes still closed and in a very groggy voice) Yeah I hear them. Noah barely learned how to count to 10. He only gets his ABC's right about half the time. And he still hasn't mastered bladder control but Adam somehow thinks he can do division???!?

Now that's a supportive (although misguided) older brother, don't you think?


Grandma L said...

Noah, it's okay!!! I had to think a minute or two. And---- I used to be good at quick figuring. Adam, good going trying to help your little brother. I love you both.......

me said...

Can I come live with you again? I need more laughs like this in my life again :)