Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Things I am Grateful For: Ex-lax and Citrucel (keep reading - it's not what you think)

Because I know it's on everybody's mind, and a few of you have even asked, I guess it's time to dish on what happened when I took Noah to Primary Children's last week for a thorough discussion about his "pee issues" with the pediatric urologist. I won't go into all of the details because sheets need to be changed and the lawn needs to be mowed (hopefully for the last time this year). Let's just say that without doing some "very invasive procedures" they can't be 100% sure, but they are pretty much convinced that there is nothing physically wrong with Noah . . . at least not yet. They gave me the go ahead to continue banging my head against the wall. Yipppeeeeeee!!

I came home with an article entitled "Parent's Guide: Normal and Abnormal Urination in Children" (guess which category my boy is in) and instructions to give Noah some Ex-lax and Citrucel to loosen his bowels. I'm not sure where they got the idea that his bowels needed to be loosened and I was more than skeptical upon hearing that advice. At first all I could come up with by way of explanation was that if we loosen him up maybe he will start pooping his pants too and that way the pee wouldn't seem so bad. In reality, she gave me a really involved explanation about how his pooping muscles and his peeing muscles work the same way. She had a theory that his pee issues are a result of him holding it in to the point that he doesn't even notice the pressure anymore and it eventually overflows. She said that he most likely never completely empties his bladder either, so he's never far from overflowing which explains why the kid can pee 27 times in a single day. (I obviously paraphrased - her explanation was much more clinical). She said it's not uncommon in kids who are "busy" because they just don't want to be interrupted for something so mundane as a potty break. Most kids, even the busy ones, eventually get past it, but some of the "busier" kids continue to struggle beyond what seems reasonable, e.g. Noah. If he was having those pee issues she theorized that he was probably also holding in his poop and we needed to clean him out. I told her that he poops pretty much everyday, but she convinced me to at least try it to see what might come out. She said that if he can learn to properly use his pooping muscles he will hopefully also learn to properly use his pee muscles.

So, against every sane thought in my head, I decided that I really had nothing to lose (other than a pair of underwear or two) so I came home by way of Rite-Aid and picked up the Ex-lax. The next day I took Noah shopping and we picked out a bunch of potty prizes. I had tried the reward method about a year ago with complete failure, but armed with the knowledge that he didn't have a physical problem I was prepared to give it another go. I was more than willing to take a gamble thinking that if it worked it would be the best 30 bucks I had ever spent.

Long story short, by day two on Ex-lax and Citrucel (which he LOVES by the way - he calls it Super-cell) that kid was cleaner than a whistle and I was beginning to catch the doctor's vision. Without getting too graphic let's just say that I was AMAZED at how much storage space Noah has in his little body. Holy poop!

This is how it's gone up to this point:

Day 1 after clean out: Dry until about 5:00. No prize for Noah, but we are all feeling optimistic.

Day 2 after clean out: Dry until about 3:00 and then dry for the rest of the day. No prize again, but still feeling okay about our plan.

Day 3 after clean out (yesterday): Dry. All day. Really. When I dropped him off at pre-school I asked them to send him to the bathroom before recess rather than waiting for him to ask and he cooperated. Noah got his first prize last night for not wetting his pants the entire day and he was thrilled. I was more thrilled.

This picture is just evidence for me to look back on later when he undoubtedly does some backsliding. I have a feeling that I will need a reminder at some point that he CAN do it and that we shouldn't give up. The underwear on his head is proof that he did it for a day. I never would have put it on his head unless it was TOTALLY clean and dry. Wooo-hooooooo!!

For his first prize he picked the sticky hand, and he has been busy doing damage with it all morning, which is totally okay with me. :-)


mj said...

Yay! That's so great. But I have to admit, I would have shared your initial skepticism. Why is it that adults can't go running around with underwear on their heads without someone wanting to put them in a strait jacket?

KJae said...

Go Noah!! (but not in your undies).

I'm amazed that you wanted to try to exlax approach. I may not have been so brave. I guess it goes along with the pretzel thing.

I believe in Noah. Way to go, Julie, for giving him another chance. ; )

Ging said...

Sigh- Been down this road more times than I care to mention. Hang in there! I hope he can put his underwear on his head nightly!!

Amanda said...

I guess those will be tucked in your luggage, ehh? We can't wait to see you!

Nathan said...

Who would have thought?

That seems like the opposite of all logic, but I guess doctors have advanced degrees for a reason.

I'm crossing all my fingers, toes and my eyes for you.

Danielle Christiansen said...

Danielle likes this post

G'ma Lolo said...

Brings back many memories...... Sure love you Noah, and Adam.