Thursday, October 08, 2009

Pinewood Derby: Success!

Last night was Adam's first ever Pinewood Derby. It was his dad's second ever. Phil's first one was a less than successful outing that came when he was a scouter himself. He told us that the wheels tumbled off of his car the first time down the track and that was the bitter ending to his very short Pinewood Derby career. As they worked on Adam's car Phil kept telling him to not get his hopes up about winning because Phil knew nothing about building the cars and none of us had any idea how it would turn out.

Without sharing all of the details, we have far greater hopes for Adam's future as a derby participant. He came in second last night and we all came home very excited. Adam just wanted one of the trophies and they all looked the same to him so first, second, third was irrelevant. When they announced his name for second place he trotted over to the table where the trophies had been sitting and was stunned to see the space empty. He seriously did a double-take and then looked over at us panicked as if to say "What the heck happened to MY trophy?" Apparently when he had stopped staring at the trophies for a split second they had moved them to the front of the room. Anyway, here are a few picture highlights from Adam's (and Phil's) big night.

The Masterpiece - It won the award for "Best Body Work" too. Phil was so proud.
Phil acted like it didn't matter. He kept telling everybody that I was the competitive one in the family. I say this picture says otherwise. It looks to me like there was some smack talking going on between Phil and the other little boys.

Adam's car is in the middle here, which was the slow lane for some reason. I think Hunter's car (right side) edged Adam out by a hair in this race.

Waiting at the finish line.

Collecting his trophy.

Adam with his buddy, Hunter, who took third place. In case you can't tell, they were very excited.

Even if his car hadn't done so well, I felt pretty good about the fact that he was definitely the cutest kid out there. (I'm not at all biased.) Hunter is pretty darn cute too.


KJae said...

Oh my heck - WAY TO GO Adam!! Seriously, that is so exciting. I'm so proud of you, Cute Boy.

Good job Phil, too. : )


Awesome awesome awesome!!! Are you sure you didn't help too Ju? I can't see you sitting back watching.

Mom/Grandma said...

ADAM---- Congratulations. (you too Dad) I remember well all of the little car races your uncles had. I still have 2 of the cars from 40 some years ago. Fun times....

Mom, said...

PS: Whatever in the world are you doing up at 2:27AM Michael?????

Nathan said...

Well, I'm impressed. My dad didn't know how to build those cars either, so he sent me to my neighbor.

There's some good father/son bonding for you.

Julie said...

Heh . . . heh . . . heh . . . clearly Mike knows me pretty well. I might have helped a little bit.