Sunday, December 13, 2009

Long time . . .

Wow. I think this is the longest break I've taken from the blog since I started it close to 3 years ago. There's no reason for the break, other than the fact that I've been very busy lately and stuff like this tends to drop down the priority list when other, more immediate tasks present themselves. Unfortunately, I'm in no shape to do any catching up tonight. I have been fending off illness for a week now, and as of last night I officially lost the battle. Noah is also sick . . . but with very different symptoms . . . and we spent most of today sharing space on the couch. This is the first time he's been sick since he came home over two years ago and it's been very sad. Sick Noah really, really, really likes me though. We have had a lot of cuddle time over the past few days. He is a pretty good patient too. As long as I hold him or let him watch Krypto the Superdog, he suffers in relative silence. He's not been well for a few days now, and if he's not doing better by morning, I'm going to have to figure out a way to drag both of us to the doctor's office. No fun.

Anyway, the reason for this post came from Adam. Last night he was my date for the Annual Mormon Tabernacle Choir Concert. This year the guest was Natalie Cole and, as always, the show was wonderful. Phil decided to stay home with sick Noah so Adam and I ventured north and even though I wasn't feeling great, it was worth it.

When we arrived at the concert center in SLC, Adam recognized that we were in the place where we watch General Conference. (He didn't call it that though. To him, General Conference is crepe Sunday since we always have a crepe buffet while watching conference.) Anyway, when Adam realized the connection it apparently reminded him of Sunday and this is the conversation that followed:

Adam: Mom, do you know my favorite thing about Sunday?
Me: No. What is it?
Adam: Thinking about Jesus.
Me: (smiling proudly) Awwwwwww . . . that's great Adam. That's the best thing about Sunday.
Adam: Do you know what I HATE about Sunday?
Me: No. What do you hate?
Adam: (emphatically) Going to CHURCH!

When I told Phil about it this morning, he laughed pretty hard. Then, he said "How sad is it that he makes no connection between thinking about Jesus and going to church?"

Clearly we need to be doing something differently.


Ging said...
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Ging said...

Ging said...

No clearly- you are doing something right. He is perfectly on schedule age wise to hate sitting for three hours. I think that goes away when they are... older. Good work. Now get better.


Sorry you two are ill. Maybe a trip to Idaho would make you better :) Get better.

Allison said...

Hey, we were at that concert too! Our neighbors had front row seat tickets that they shared with us. Wayne even stayed awake for the entire concert. Can't believe we didn't see you there, ha ha. So sorry to hear that you are sick!

Nathan said...

If only all of us could be honest about how much "fun" church is sometimes.

Allison said...

Nathan, you apparently are not well acquainted with the Ewells! I don't think that a lack of honesty is a problem here, unfortunately.