Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Have a good day, Adam!

Noah and I sent Adam off to school about 10 minutes ago. If you will remember, Noah is sequestered in my bedroom in the mornings but today when he heard me getting ready to send Adam out the door, he came trotting down the stairs yelling "I want to say something! Wait! Adam! I want to say something!" Adam paused at the door and this was their exchange:

Noah: Have a good day, Adam.
Adam: You have a good day too, Noah.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: Don't pee your pants.
Noah: Okay. And don't be rough on your teacher.
Adam: Okay. See ya!
Noah: See ya!

The whole morning separation arrangement is still working out quite nicely, I must say. I'm pretty sure that is the most polite they have EVER been to each other. I'm also pretty sure that neither of them will actually come through on the commitment that they just made to each other.


Renea Lynch said...

too funny! And that is a BEAUTIFUL picture of your boys! :)