Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vrooooom, Vrooooom

This exchange happened as I was driving Noah to preschool yesterday. As usual, there were a few cars around me being driven by less than stellar drivers and I mumbled about their incompetence to myself a few times. One guy was sitting at a green light waiting to turn right. Yeah, the light was green. Nope, nobody was in the crosswalk. And he was sitting there. While me and several other behind me were waiting for him. Along with the oncoming cars who were waiting to turn right. He finally made the turn just as the light turned red. I followed close behind and then quickly got into the inside lane to go around. At that point, I hear this from the backseat:

Noah: Mom? Why do you have to go Lightning McQueen speed?
Me: What?
Noah Why do you go Lightning McQueen speed?
Me: I'm not. That guy was just in the way and I had to go around him.
Noah: Then why do all the things we go past look blurry to my eyes every time?


Renea Lynch said...

LOL!!! :) That's hilarious! He always makes me laugh. I think my favorite story ever was your trip to Disney. ♥


You are planning to write a book, right? Can I play the favorite uncle?