Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Boss

Noah's favorite color is red. It has been for awhile. Whenever he has a choice (and even sometimes when he doesn't) he insists that he get the red one. Just one example: yesterday he got to bring home a balloon home from pre-school. They offered him orange, yellow, or green since that's all they had, but he threw a mini-tantrum because he wanted the red one that clearly didn't exist.

I hadn't given much thought to his fascination with red until this past week-end when he asked me if I knew why red is his favorite color. After I told him that I really had no idea but maybe it was because red is a pretty color, he responded with "No. I like red the best because it's the boss of all the other colors." Of course. I'm not sure why that hadn't occurred to me sooner.


Vanessa said...

Smart boy!, red is clearly the boss of all the other colors!

Swim Mom said...

I knew there was a reason I loved red.