Thursday, April 08, 2010

What is it - Revealed

I am very impressed with the guesses that came in. Thanks to those who participated and allowed me a little pleasure in my otherwise non-eventful days. I'm always impressed with the creativity, and a couple guesses were actually pretty close. I think I've got to give the Bragging Rights award to my brother Mike. Although it wasn't exactly right, he was in the same family with his cream of wheat guess. Mike has clearly seen his share of spilled breakfast cereals.

Here's the original picture:

Here's Noah looking completely unrepentant after dumping
his peaches and cream instant oatmeal all over the kitchen floor.

He was spinning his bowl even though I had told him not to. After I told him to stop, he asked his favorite question: "Why?" I told him that it would spill. He insisted that it wouldn't spill, which didn't shock me because he always disagrees with me when I answer his "why?" questions. I once again told him to stop. Three seconds later, it was on the floor. His defense was that he tried to catch it when it flew off the counter so I shouldn't be mad at him.


Nathan said...

So close!

I'm glad he already has those justification skills down. Just keep reminding yourself how advanced your kid is, and maybe it will make it easier when he blatantly disregards what you've told him.

Our daughter is well on her way to doing exactly what she wants despite anything we tell her. I can't wait until she hits this stage.