Monday, April 12, 2010

Noah is 5!

Today my baby boy turns 5. He makes me crazy at times, but he makes me laugh and smile and I wonder every single day how, out of all the moms in the world, I got to be his. I think it's because I've only had him for 2-1/2 years that I can't quite believe that he's already 5. Sometimes I feel completely ripped off that I never got to know the baby that he was, but when I look back over the time that we have had together I can really feel nothing but blessed. Noah is unlike any kid I have ever known and I mean it when I say that he is either going to end up the president of something big someday, or in prison - it's all going to depend on how well I am able to channel him. He is a daredevil, and s.t.u.b.b.o.r.n. , and seemingly immune to pain (stay tuned for the story from our Easter week-end camping trip to Zion's) which are three things that make raising him a bit challenging. He is also exceptionally loving, and forgiving, and generous to a fault which are three qualities that make the crazy things totally worth it. He is tenacious and funny and ridiculously cute and sweet and clever and tough and a whole bunch of other things that could be used for good or for evil depending on his mood and the opportunities in front of him at any given moment. I love him beyond imagination.

Now that he's 5, he told me that he won't pee his pants anymore. I'm wondering if I should believe him.


Myrn said...

Time goes by so quickly; seems like only a short time ago you brought him home.
Give him a Birthday Hug from me.

Nathan said...

Our daughter has a gift for him, and because she was so excited about it, we got one for her too. Let's just say she hasn't stopped talking about it for three days, so I hope he likes it as well.

(Of course, my wife may have already dropped it off, so this could be old news.)

Nathan said...

Oh, and tell him happy birthday for me.

Swim Mom said...

What a good birthday post, hope he has a wonderful day. Noah is 10 days older than Brady. I wish we lived closer I think they could have a lot of fun playing. ALthough, two wild an crazy daredevils on a rampage might not be such a good idea.

P.S. Can't believe you went to Zion and didn't even call. Tom was even here from Yuma for the weekend.