Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jump right in

There's no way to get going on this again other than to just jump right back in. I can't possibly catch up on all that I've missed over the past couple of months, so I'll just move forward from here . . . starting with an easy post. Here's the conversation that I just had with Noah as I was getting his breakfast. He isn't a big milk guy, so I usually don't bother to ask what he wants to drink. In the absence of some sugary substance that I try to avoid at breakfast time, he always picks water. Today, though, I must have been feeling a bit adventurous because I actually asked him and this is how it went:

Me: Noah, do you want milk or water with your breakfast?
Noah: Ummmm . . . .
Me: wondering why he is hesitating as I'm grabbing his water bottle
Noah: I think I'll have some milk.
Me: Really?
Noah: Yeah. I want some milk today.
Me: Okay. (as I put the water back and pull the milk out of the fridge. I pour him a glass of milk and then start to patiently wait for him to actually finish his breakfast so that I can clean up.)
approximately 30 seconds of silence while he's eating, and then . . .
Noah: Mom?
Me: Yeah?
Noah: Why did you give me milk for my drink?
Me: Because I asked you what you wanted and you said that you wanted milk.
Noah: Oh. That's funny.

I then leave the room after deciding that I now have material for a quick post on the forgotten blog.


Ging said...

Cute. Clever. He's running the show- you realize that now don't you?

Carrie said...

Glad to see you're back in the blogging world. I always enjoy your posts. :)

Mom said...

Noah, Milk IS good!!! Julie, I enjoyed last Saturday so much. The boys games, and the birthday dinner. Thanks much, Love you