Saturday, July 03, 2010

Marriage through my boys' eyes

An actual conversation between the boys that I just overheard:

They are playing some kind of made up game with Adam's Pokemon cards. When they play games, Adam usually makes up the rules as they go, and Noah is generally completely willing to just go along with whatever his older, wiser brother declares.

Adam: Okay Noah , you have to pick a card.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: And then we will battle.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: You can't kill me though.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: Okay Noah, you picked a sister.
Noah: But I want a brother.
Adam: You can't.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: Since you are a sister, we can't be married.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: Now the boys are showing up for the party.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: We need more girls for the party.
Noah: Okay.
Adam: Here they come.
Noah: Girls are really, really special, and they will marry me.
Adam: And when they marry you, it will make you die.
Noah: Okay.
Oh noooooooooo . . . .
Adam: Too bad Noah. You lose.

Ummmmm . . . what??!?


Sonja and Jordan said...

Jordan has played this game before....

Julie said...

Good one Sonja. Did he win or lose?

Lydia said...

That is so funny