Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Quote of the week (or month . . . )

Haven't had one of these for awhile, but even though the set up is kind of long, this one is worth sharing because it made all of us laugh.

Phil got home from work last night and suggested that we go to dinner at a place that Phil and I used to love, but since it's about a 30 minute drive down the freeway to get there we rarely go there anymore. We all climbed into the car and before we knew it we were on the freeway. Since we have to drive 30 minutes to get there, logic tells us that we also have a 30 minute return trip (in spite of what some of my friends think, all logic hasn't completely escaped me yet).

After dinner we climbed back into the car to head home. Noah is a terrible traveler. He gets tired in the car, but he refuses to sleep. Remember the trip to Disneyland last year? We were in the car for approximately 18 hours both ways and Noah slept for approximately 10 minutes total (and that's honestly no exaggeration). The aggravation comes as Noah works to keep himself awake . . . he makes noises and he talks and he sings and he is all around completely annoying to everybody else in the car. As we were driving home last night, Noah started his jabbering
which caused Phil to threaten to remove part of Noah's face (his lips to be exact) if he didn't stop making the noises. After the threat was issued a few more times, with increasing insistence from his father, Noah finally quieted down somewhat, but not all the way. In a relatively quiet voice, he
started talking to the cars that were passing us, and because Noah never likes to be last at anything, he got increasingly annoyed when he thought I wasn't driving fast enough to fend off the guys in the other lanes. But, to his credit, he didn't say anything to me. Rather, he got more and more aggressive with the guys in the other lanes when finally he erupted with this:

"Oh no you don't, JERK!"

Phil and I both looked at each other and tried to stifle the giggles as this conversation followed:

Me: He didn't hear that from me.
Phil: Whatever. I accept that they got "Holy Crap" from me, so you need to just own it.
Me: But I don't say that.
Phil: Uh-huh . . . sure.
Me: Seriously. I may get annoyed at other drivers, but I've never said that.
Phil: (in his sweetest singing voice) M is for the Many things she taught me . . .
Me: I didn't!
Phil: (still singing) O is for the Offensive things she says . . .
Me: Nice. Think whatever you want, but he didn't get that from me.
Phil: T is for the Threats she hurls while driving . . .
Me: Jerk.


Kendall said...

I want to know what the rest of Phil's song would have been. You need to let him finish it.

Nathan said...

I think we all need an encore from Phil. The next time I drop by, I'll put in my request.

Migaloo said...

I miss Phil.

The Good News said...

Love the song. Hilarious. So witty. And why is it I can hear you saying that quote of Noah's in my head?