Monday, September 13, 2010

Tell us what you really think, Noah.

Phil needed to go see a few people in the neighborhood tonight and I was headed to the store so I asked him to take Noah with him. This is what happened next:

Phil: Hey Noah, come downstairs and go for a walk with me.
Noah: Adam! Do you want to come on a walk with me and Dad?
Adam: Nah.
Me: Come on, Adam. You should go with them.
Noah: Yeah, Adam should come and I think mom should stay home.
Phil: Why don't you want mom to come?
Noah: Because then she will talk soooo much and if it's just me and you and Adam then we don't have to listen to her talk so much.



Brit said...

It's just the Landrum curse...we talk a lot, and fast I might add.

Sonja and Jordan said...

BAHAHA! And you were SAD this kid is in school now? haha

Elaine Brown Billings said...

Us parents just have no self esteem left after we raise kids!!!

Julie said...

Good point, Sonja. I'm suddenly LOVING kindergarten. In fact, I wonder if it's too late to get him into that all day class.

Nathan said...

Well ... at least someone finally said it.

(This is one of those "pot calling the kettle black" instances.)