Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Ewwwww . . . that's disgusting!

Adam has a fingernail biting issue. He's had it long enough that his fingernails are pretty much just little wrinkles near the end of his fingers that a nail sometimes emerges from, just briefly enough to once again be chewed off. We've gotten to the point that even Adam started asking me to buy the stuff to put on his fingers to help him stop. So, I ordered the stuff and it arrived two days ago. Yea! There was excitement throughout the Rash house, so much so that after putting it onto Adam's fingertips, Noah insisted that he have some too. I tried to talk him out of it, but finally gave in thinking that he would realize his error the first time he touched his fingers to his mouth. That's another story though. This one is about Adam.

We were in the car not long after I put the stuff on both boys and this is the conversation as it happened:

Adam: I wonder how bad this stuff tastes.
Me: Taste it and see.
Noah: It's icky but I can still lick it. See?
Adam: Knock it off Noah. That's gross. Don't lick it on purpose.
Noah: But I can do it and it doesn't even make me sick.
Adam: STOP it Noah! Ewwww . . . knock it off. Mom? He's licking his whole arm! Tell him to stop.
Noah: giggle, giggle
Me: Stop licking your arm, Noah. That's gross. (Again, that's not the really gross part. Adam is just about to make it REALLY gross.)
Adam: I hope it doesn't taste like boogers.
Me: Nasty. Stop talking about it.
Adam: If it tastes like boogers it won't work because sometimes I eat boogers.
Me: (gagging) That's sick, Adam. You shouldn't eat boogers. Ever!
Adam: I don't really eat, eat them. I just make that noise with my nose when I feel them and then they just suck down my throat and I can sometimes taste them. They actually aren't that bad.
Me: Ewww. Stop talking about it. Seriously.
Adam: But don't worry, Mom. It's not a big deal because then I just poop them back out so they don't make me sick.
Me: silence

I had nothing to say after that. With each word that came out of my mouth his response just got worse, so I stopped talking. I'm not sure if it was deliberate, but Adam just figured out how to get the last word in a conversation with his mom. Well done, Son.


Melissa said...

Hahahaha this made me laugh so, so much.

Please please blog more. Also I miss you and your boys (booger-eating and disgusting conversationalists as they might be).

Hot Mom said...

Nice one. I miss your posts too!!