Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still, still, still . . .

Just in case anybody is wondering (assuming anybody still reads my blog even though I have been less than diligent in posting for the last several months):

Noah still wets his pants pretty much everyday. Yesterday he did it three times.

Yes, he's now officially closer to being six than he is to five.

And yes, it still makes me a completely crazy, irrational woman.

And in case you are further wondering, there seems to be a change in the potency of urine at about the age of 5-1/2 because the smell is suddenly overwhelming.

And I've decided that having a kid who REFUSES to fully potty train after three years of "practice" has reminded me of our infertility struggles. How, you may ask? Well, let me tell you. In the same way that I was completely incapable of sympathizing with people who had been "trying" to get pregnant for about 3 weeks, I also cannot find it in me to feel sorry for people who are at their "wits end" because their two-year-old is still having accidents after a week of potty-training. So, if you are one of those people who is struggling with potty-training issues at your house, let me apologize up front for the eye-roll that you probably saw me do when you complained about it to me. It's not that I don't WANT to feel bad; I honestly just CAN'T.


mj said...

i seriously love you. and miss you. that's all. :)

if it makes you feel a tid bit better, i'll be changing diapers for my whole life. i have no sympathy for those week-long potty trainers either. and leah will go potty for ryan, but not for me. lovely...since i'm home with her all day and he sees her for 5 minutes every night.

Julie said...

I actually don't feel better when I hear about other people's struggles, mostly because knowing that other people struggle never makes me feel happy. It does give me some much needed perspective though, so thank you Maren. Your blog is the only one I read anymore with any degree of regularity. You make me laugh and you have brought tears to my eyes. You inspire me, and that's the biggest compliment that any human can ever give to another. I love you too! Come visit!

Migaloo said...

Wish I had magic for you. These are some of the most frustrating times - when a kid should be able to do something that you've taught and taught and retaught and retaught, but it just isn't taking.

Hope Noah comes through soon for you.

Nathan said...

This is the moment when I wish I could say something like, "Oh, that's too bad. Our daughter has been potty trained since she was two."


1) It's not true (we're one of those you can't have sympathy for)
2) That's just a little too devious (even for the guy who gave your husband a heart attack with the best prank I've ever done)

mom said...

Ju, like Michaelo said, "maybe when he is 16 and wants to date"
Now see, how much better you feel.
Love you Mom

Mom said...

OOPS, I meant Michael

Hot Mom said...

Do you have sympathy for me? Mine is 8? It has been a long six years. I hope your experience with this is shorter.