Friday, October 05, 2007

With the courier - round two

I just checked the DHL site to track the package. The status line for today's date reads:

8:48 With Delivery Courier

I guess that means that they made progress with the customer service people and were able to resolve the address questions. So, I'm going to hope that it's one of their first deliveries today and maybe they will still have time to talk to the consulate before the day is over. Otherwise, it will be next week before we will know anything more about a travel date.

Truth be told, I really shouldn't be surprised that they had trouble with the address. When I was being carted around Port au Prince I must have looked like some mouth-breathing idiot because I was completely stunned at the overwhelming disorder. There seemed to be no rhyme or reason whatsoever to the many turns that my driver made. None of the streets seemed very long and we never went more than about two blocks before we had to turn again. It honestly seemed like we went in random circles for miles and miles. Then, almost as if by magic, the driver would suddenly stop triumphantly in front of our intended destination and my mouth must have gaped open in disbelief even more. I wonder how On-Star might work in PAP. That almost makes me laugh out loud when I consider how one of those conversations might go:

Operator: "Hello, OnStar. How can I help you?"

Driver: "Ummmm, I'm in Port au Prince and . . . "

Operator: (cutting off the driver before the end of the sentence) "You're where? Port au Prince, as in Haiti? Oh %?*#@ !!!"

So, all things considered, I should probably send the DHL driver some flowers or something, assuming that the package actually gets delivered today.