Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Taking Care of Business

Tonight after Phil got home from work, Adam talked him into watching a rousing episode of Tom and Jerry with him. Not long after both boys climbed on his lap, the phone rang. It was for Phil. Here is a shot of Phil discussing the offer for a new job that, assuming he accepts it, he will start sometime in July after we get back from Europe.New Job? For Phil? What the . . . ? Yep - my old job actually. The one that I just left and that I'm still filling in on here and there because it's taking them awhile to find my replacement. How funny is that? The fact that they will be paying him a heckuva lot more than they paid me might be annoying except that the money will be going into my bank account so I'm okay with it. He's also going to be doing a heckuva lot more than I ever did so I guess it's only fair.

Notice how Adam and Noah are completely unimpressed? Really though, how's a job offer supposed to compete with Tom and Jerry?


It's Miller Time said...

Are you going to write him a letter of recommendation? Oh, and do you get to train him to? Congrats Phil!