Friday, September 05, 2008


Noah started pre-school this week. He goes with his friend Tyler and I think the two of them are the big men on campus. Yesterday when I went to pick them up I talked to his teacher for a few minutes to see how Noah is doing. As she was telling me that he's doing great, a little girl standing there announced "Noah was mean to me today." The teacher followed up that comment with "He's fine. He's just still learning how to share." She's not telling me anything that I didn't already know. On Sunday his nursery teacher at church apologized because she had to put him in time-out for a few minutes. Apparently he was hitting and kicking a couple of other kids because they had toys that he wanted. Nice. Maybe I need to let him win a few more battles at home so that he doesn't feel like he has to flex his muscles so much when he goes out. His teacher also said something about how he has a hard time sitting on the chairs because he just wants to run around. She then followed it up with, "But you can't be mad at him because he's so darn cute!" That's precisely the message that I want him to get. I'm not too worried though because I'm fairly confident that after she spends a few weeks with hurricane Noah the cuteness factor will dissipate.

Here are some pictures from his first day at pre-school. Now that I look at them, I'm going to side with her. He is dang cute!


Myrn said...

Yeah, he is pretty darn cute. You calling him a little hurricane reminded me that's what Norton and I used to call Kendall when he was about that size -- "Hurricane Kendall"

Amanda said...

How excited Noah is in his picture, is about how excited Adam is not in his picture. Funny! Do you remember what time to yourself was like? I tagged you, if you feel like doing it, it's a couples tag on my blog. If you don't, I'll still be your best friend.