Friday, September 05, 2008

Second Grade

After posting Noah's pre-school pictures I realized that I still haven't said anything about Adam starting school this year. So, Adam started school a couple of weeks ago. He's in the second grade now and thinking he's pretty grown up. I met with his teacher last week after they did the beginning of year assessments and found out that Adam is already meeting the end of year standard for both math and reading. I guess that means he will be sitting around a lot this year wishing that he had his Pokemon cards at school with him. Adam is a smart boy and I am very proud of him, but the reality is that I don't think he's really advanced compared to most other kids his age. I fear that he is already meeting the end of year standards not because he is so advanced but because the standards at his school seem to be so low. Depending on how this year goes, we may be shopping for a new school next year.

Isn't he handsome????
Can you tell how excited he is to have his picture taken. He really just wanted to get out the door to school. He refused to let me walk with him too so I had to just watch him until he got there. Good thing the school is just down the street or I might have looked a little creepy following him down the sidewalk from a distance so that he wouldn't be seen with his mom.

I coaxed a little bit of a smile out of him for this one.

On this one I told him to smile showing his teeth so that we could see that he has the same gaps starting second grade that he had at the end of first grade. I'm not sure that his new teeth are ever going to come in.

Noah had to get in on the picture action.


Amanda said...

So handsome! I LOVE second grade. It's the best year ever.