Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say what? - part 2: Out of the mouth of Noah

As I was posting that last item about Adam, I was listening to Noah while he takes his tub in the bathroom next door. This is the conversation that we just had:

Me: Noah, stop splashing so much.
Noah: That's not me.
Me: It's not you? Then who is it?
Noah: It's the washcloth.

*double sigh*

(Let's be clear - our bath water doesn't turn that color automatically because I don't clean the tub. Noah gets to pick out color tablets and today he wanted red and yellow - thus the orange water.)


KJae said...

What are color tablets? That's cool.

I'd be scared of this ones future if I were you.....

Julie said...

He scares me for all kinds of reasons. I know for certain tht my days of staying one step ahead of me are nearing an end.

I bought a box of color tablets at Wal-mart (near the bubble bath) and put it in Noah's Valentine's bag. They look like the tablets that you use to color Easter Eggs - only bigger - and the fizz when you put themin the water. I think they cost around $3and they encourage him to stay in the tub longer than 3 minutes so definitely worth it.


I was going to tell you to quite scrubbing him so hard... but then you resolved my fears of abuse when you said it was tablets turning the water color.

I still stand by my offer to take him off your hands for a few years.