Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Big Trouble!

This is the conversation that is occuring between Noah and myself, right now:

Noah: Can I play GameCube?
Me: No. Not right now.
Noah: But I have to.
Me: You play too much. Let's play with your Magnetix instead. Or your cars.
Noah. No. I have to play the GameCube game. It has Star Wars.
Me: I really don't want you to play video games this morning.
Noah: (starting to whine) You have to let me play the GameCube game.
Me: Why do I have to let you?
Noah: Because I won't be your friend.
Me: Really? I'll try to be okay with that.
Noah: (increased whining) But you have to let me play or I will get in trouble.
Me: How are you going to get in trouble?
Noah: I will get in big trouble if you don't let me play.
Me: Who are you going to get in trouble with?
Noah: You HAVE to let me. I will get in BIG trouble. (as he wanders into the other room and is getting ready to start the game)
Me: Noah! Don't turn that game on.
Noah: But I NEED to play it right now! I have to stay right here and I need to play the GameCube game frickin' bad. (thanks to Adam for teaching him "frickin'")
Me: Noah! Don't you do it.
Noah: (his whining just turned to anger) I HAVE TO PLAY THE GAMECUBE GAME OR THAT'S NOT VERY NICE!

The conversation just ended abruptly because I clearly have to physically intervene.


KJae said...

Ooooo, trouble continues to brew with that one. Bad Shiz, Bad!!

Nathan said...

This is just practice for later.

I'm sensing the debate team in his future.

Michelle said...

that's "frickin'" hilarious! hahaha! NOT! Believe me, we have got to get him and Mahlia together! We'd have blog post after post!