Thursday, April 09, 2009

Will somebody puh-lease remind me that I'm not as young as I used to be

We had our first softball game of the season last night . . . which followed our first practice of the season just the day before. . . which followed that nasty yoga workout that I still haven't recovered from just a day prior to that. I've activated muscles that were much more content sitting dormant. My body HATES me this morning and if my individual body parts could talk I'm pretty sure they would be saying, in unison, "Whuuut the #*!@* are you thinking??!?" As luck would have it, the only body part that can talk is also the only body part that doesn't hurt so there has been no profanity.

Here are just a few observations from the game:

1. I made it on base multiple times due to some fairly decent hitting on my part and some rather awful fielding from the opposing team.

2. I made it around the bases without getting run over by the runner behind me and without collapsing onto home plate.

3. I managed to cover first base just fine, but I realized that sometime during the 15-20 years that have passed since I played first base every summer, I developed a slight fear of the ball. I also realized that I'm a little more reluctant to stretch to make a catch like I used to. This morning I have physical evidence that I am facing both of those fears head-on: a nice softball size bruise on my left bicep from a hopper that came right at me (I made the out - yeaaaa!!) and an aching hamstring from a stretch that didn't quite pay off.

4. I still HATE to lose a game, but my new, more mature (nice way of saying old) self finds it easier to smile through it and the car ride home doesn't feel quite so bad. (Emotionally that is . . . physically it feels much, MUCH worse.)

5. Phil is great! Not only is he indulging my insanity by not complaining when I'm gone, but he hasn't laughed (audibly anyway) or rolled his eyes (visibly anyway) at my aches and pains or bruises.


Danielle Christiansen said...

Hey, at least you are being active, which is more then I can say for my lazy self. i am proud of you. if your muscles are soar that means your doing your body good right? look at it that way. You will be a toned unstoppable woman!

Nathan said...

My body is starting to revolt too. It's making me a little nervous about what is in store for me down the road.

I'm still crossing my fingers I'll make it onto one of those spaceships they had in Wall-E where all the people just glide around on motorized chairs.

KJae said...

I wanna see a picture of the bruise. Hoo-Ahhhh!

Keni said...

softball is a sissy sport when it comes to 7th and 8th grade girls. but your team is probably scary and vicious because you are on it. i wouldn't want to play against you. (by the way you are old just thought i would remind you, you are almost fourty) its okay though you could kick my butt at probably any sport!